Meaningful relationships - the bold givers

…then I understand you.

Too many ex-lovers turn to foes; too many couples divorce. What’s to say she won’t turn into a foe too? What’s to say you guys will have the secret recipe that prevents couples from getting divorced? What’s to say he won’t tear your heart to pieces, steal your youth and leave you in shambles?

Nothing. Marriage, like faith, is a gamble.

Just before going forward with my decision to marry, I had those very questions too. And I remember coming to the conclusion that if I had to place my faith into something, I’d rather put it into the one thing that doesn’t fail. Let me explain.

A few years ago I was failed by someone I had given my all to, failed by a few people around her and failed by myself. From that experience and everything I was reading about the state of marriage globally, I was foolish years later to even consider getting married to my then fiancée. Yet I did it and I would do it again, because of one piece of advice I want you to seriously consider.

God has never failed you and He never will. If you did things His way and found yourself at the doors of this marriage, then it’s in Him that you should put your trust, not in the person in front of you. That person will eventually fail you, you know that, don’t you? I don’t think it will be through a divorce, but one way or another he or she will fail you and you will fail them too. Knowing this, should you put your trust into an imperfect thing? No.

Instead, trust the God that never starts a thing without knowing its end. Trust the God who makes all things beautiful in their time. If He’s got you here, it’s because He knows that you have what it takes to thrive within this marriage.

Does trusting Him mean that He will prevent your spouse from screwing up some times? No. It simply means that if your spouse were to screw up, it would never be beyond what you are already perfectly equipped to withstand.

People fail; God doesn’t.

People are scary; God isn’t.

People are unfaithful; God isn’t.

If the fear of divorce is keeping you from getting married, then place your full trust in the God that got you there. Come what may, He will always make sure that everything works out for your good.