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Authenticity cannot be faked.
We will never tell your story better than you.

No matter how well we write, our perspective will always miss something if we’ve never walked in your shoes. That’s why the more voices on The Bold Givers, the better. We welcome guest contributors like you.



If there was a manual on how to love well, we’d like this site to be it. We believe the only way to love is to love fully, proactively and unconditionally, and that God is the author and ultimate model of this form of love.

That’s why we look for writers who are passionate about promoting life-giving relationships, not superficial ones, through their personal stories and those of the world around them.

We do not do revenge, trash talk or trivial advice.



The most effective path to learning is teaching and the surest way to receive is to give.

By using our platform to reform the way we love, you will be giving yourself the opportunity to:

  • Widen your audience
  • Advertise your site & products on every article you write (through your profile)
  • Grow as a writer and individual
  • Network with fellow co-authors



1. DO:

  • Write in your natural voice.
  • Be extremely clear, yet concise.
  • Share personal stories to illustrate your point. Whenever possible, open with the story.
  • Provide practical advice. When you explain an abstract concept, tell the reader how to use what you are saying in his/her life.
  • Keep paragraphs to 4 lines at most.
  • Use value-centric blog headlines. This free ebook on Magnetic headlines is a gem.
  • Use between 650 and 1500 words per article, unless you’re writing a Love Bites piece.
  • When you make a claim, please cite your sources.
  • Promote your business or blog in your bio.
  • Send us articles you’ve previously written on your personal blog, provided they fit everything mentioned above.

2. DON’T

  • Promote your business or blog within a post
  • Insert hyperlinks within a post. To include hyperlinks, please put them in brackets adjacent to the word to be linked. Example: Word [ http://….. ]
  • Be condescending or rude.



Please email the following to contribute@theboldgivers.com

  1. Your first and last name
  2. Your birth date and current city of residence
  3. Your full post with headline. Please type it within the body of your email.
  4. Any relevant images for your post (If available. Not compulsory).
  5. A link to a sample of your writing online (Not compulsory, but it will help us approve you faster).
  6. The verticals in which you are interested. Please select among the following:



  1. Create a gravatar.com account and upload a headshot of yourself there. It must be a real picture of you.
  2. Please send us the following:
  • Your name as you want it featured to readers.
  • Your short bio (120 words or less). Remember to include the links to your site and social media accounts you want featured in this bio. Again, use brackets for any link [ http://… ]
  • The email address you used to create the gravatar account above.

We’ll send you an email with your TBG login details.



Log into your account and follow the prompts in your welcome email.

Please note:

  • It will take approximatively 14 days from reception for your article to be published.
  • If we decide to publish your article, we will let you know by email.
  • If you receive no email from us regarding your article within 14 days, it means we have decided not to publish. We will however try our best to be responsive.
  • We will provide the cover images for your article. For illustrative images (they appear within the article), please ensure that your uploaded image is at least 850px wide and 250px long. We would prefer if you send us the high resolution originals.



  • We do not offer money for blog posts.
  • We may edit some parts of your posts to fit our tone.
  • By writing for The Bold Givers, you agree to our terms and conditions.


Thank you so much for lending us your voice!