How to find a husband - theboldgivers

You know that exhausting feeling of searching high and low for your keys when you’re late for work? You know you put them in the usual place, so why aren’t they there? You’ve torn the house apart; cushions are on the floor, the freezer is ransacked and the whole house is skewed with frantic searching until finally… you lose all hope. You stop, take a breath, and decide to call in sick because the day is ruined anyway. Then you feel your back pocket. Seriously?!

At the age of 25, I should have been married with 2 babies and a husband who loved me. That was my dream. Instead at 25, I reached the point of giving up on finding a husband. I had searched high and low; I had moved towns, changed my appearance, dropped my standards (then raised them higher), tried blind dates and finally realised it just wasn’t going to happen.

2 years later, when I gave up yet again on the search for a husband (for good this time), the extraordinary happened: God orchestrated a meeting that really would end my search. It came in the form of an email. That email led to a phone call, which let to coffee, which eventually led to our happily ever after.

It didn’t happen the first time I gave up. But like that endless search for your keys, when you convince yourself that it will happen and take a step back from your frantic search, God eventually reveals them to you.

So are you still searching? Are you still compromising yourself just to get ‘any’ guy? I hope not. But if you are, try the key searching approach. Take a step back, put your faith in a place where you know it will happen, and let God reveal him to you.

It’s not easy, and you may need to do it more than once, but that’s ok.