The Bold Givers

In tennis doubles, the ability to predict your partner’s movements, strengths and weaknesses is key to winning. And it comes from constantly practising together.

In marriage, the same principle applies: To win together, train together.

4 Training Routines That Can Help

1. For effective communication, repeat what you understand from your mate’s sentences back, to make sure you’re on the same page.
2. For strength training, observe what tasks your partner tends to be enthusiastic about. Encourage them down that path.
3. For bonding, make it a habit to welcome your partner at the door every time they come home (or see them off). The more you commit to this, the tighter the bond you’ll create.
4. For reinforcement, make sure the words you use to describe your spouse elevates them. Especially in the presence of others.

And as with everything, practise makes permanent.