Say your wife was the forest between you and a pristine beach, and that each tree represented her strengths and weaknesses.

Would you cut every tree to make your way to the other side or would you find a way around them?

Of course the shortest path – the cutest path – would be a straight line through them, but cutting that much trees would tire you to a stop.

What I’m getting at is that not all your wife’s imperfections are really stumbling blocks. If you can set your focus on the end goal, i.e a successful relationship (that beach) and not the trees in your face, then you’ll find a way to make your way around them. And maybe even admire them for their foliage and the gift of an interesting journey.

Brother, her strengths and flaws are more than enough for anything you guys wish to achieve.

Work with her. Not against.


-Rowing your gondola,