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I was preparing an article on how to stop feeling jealous, when I had the visit of a friend.

Without knowing what I was working on, he confided in me -with a lot of shame- that he had trouble with feeling jealous and insecure about his fiancée. His main issue was the way she dressed… which reminded me of a time when my heart ached the same.

So instead of writing a 3 paragraph article, I decided to say a little bit more on how I got rid of mine.

In this ebook I stand with you in feeling the way you do, whether it’s justified or not.

And then we move forward. Together.

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Who’s This eBook For?

  • You love your mate, but you’re always afraid something bad will happen to your relationship.
  • You’re afraid someone will snatch him or her away from you.
  • You feel uneasy when too many people are paying attention to him or her.
  • You feel undeserving about this relationship: “Maybe it isn’t really for someone like me.“
  • Your feel jealous when your partner doesn’t cover up, stay in or when they spend too much time with other people.
  • You’re tired of feeling this way.

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Book Format: PDF

Length: 20 Pages

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Book Review

Pat has written an excellent, concise message on Insecurity – a master of relationship destruction! I guarantee if you could put just one of his valid points into practice it would improve your relationship status immediately. Implement 3-4 over a year and you won’t recognise your relationships or yourself!

In my counselling practice insecurity is one of the most common demons. Placing a resource like this in the hands of a client as a handy ‘go to’ will be invaluable.

Well done Pat, your references to your own marriage gives warmth and experience to your much needed advice. Looking forward to the next e-book soon! “

-Maree Woodhouse, Family Therapist

Get it for AU$4.99